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As you move south along the Barrier Reef from Ambergris Caye, there are four islands that are perched nearly atop the reef. These islands are for the most part directly in front of Belize City and are named Sergeant's Caye, Goff's Caye, English Caye, and Rendezvous Caye. White sand beaches, palm trees, and the closeness to the Barrier reef make these islands the ideal site for day diving. Between dives go ashore and relax under a palm tree or take along your mask, snorkel, and fins to do some fantastic snorkeling right from the beach. There are dive sites galore to be found and enjoyed along most of the cayes offshore of Belize City.

English Caye off of Belize City

Some of these dive sites are dived so seldom that they almost count as virgin sites. These islands are excellent for those snorkeling adventurers who want to see the reef fish and add to their life lists of fish.

The beach at Goff's Caye off of Belize City

The offshore Cayes of the Belize District also played an important part in the history of Belize. St. Georges Caye was the site of the major settlement and informal capital of Belize from about 1650 to 1784. A Spanish fleet was driven away just off the island in 1798, an accident that secured Britain's hold on the territory. Today it is a charming island, with two windmills, private homes and a resort or two.

Nassaun Grouper in shallow reefs off of English Caye

There is an area close to Belize City that has become very popular as a manatee viewing site. Swallow Caye, just east of Belize City and part of the Drowned Caye range, is the natural habitat and reserve of the docile and magnificent creature sometimes known as the sea cow. This gentle giant, related to the elephant, has survived in Belize because of strong protection laws. On occasion, the manatee will come right up to your boat. There is a good source of food for the manatee in this area which is most likely the main reason they congregate there.

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